Monday, September 13, 2010

Vivien and Emily vs Paulette and Cory

I know I haven't posted in a while so here goes!! This one's a doozie!
I have been planning this blog for a some time now and I think it's finally time it happened.
If you know anything about Hollywood history and the casting of Gone with the Wind then you already know the direction this is going.
For starters, my boyfriend Cory and I get along great. We have lots in common and agree on most things. One thing we have in common is a love for Classic Hollywood. The one thing that we disagree on the most when it comes to movies is the casting of Scarlett O'Hara.
This is not something that is a great barrier or anything that results in a knock down drag out fight. It's just something fun to joke about and somehow we manage to bring it up everyday. It's gotten to the point now where it's always something I can count on.
I am pro-Vivien Leigh and he is on team Paulette Goddard, who was almost cast as the infamous Southern Belle. Paulette Goddard was signed with David Selznick at the time but he did not cast her because she couldn't prove that she was legally married to Charlie Chaplin. At the time our buddy Vivien Leigh was legally married to her first husband but was "living in sin" as they say with Laurence Olivier. I really don't see the difference in those situations but it was 1939 and people cared about things like that then. Nowadays you could marry a chicken on the internet, have a Cheeto as your maid of honor (or best man) and video tape your wedding night and no one would bat an eye.
I love Paulette Goddard. I think she is adorable and I love her in the movie The Ghostbreakers with Bob Hope. But she is was not the right choice for the part of Scarlett.
She could have played Scarlett if Rhett had needed a zany sidekick. Having coached some acting pieces before I can tell that Paulette Goddard is a good actress by watching her screen test. Just because you are a good actress doesn't mean you can't play every part that comes your way. If you act, the sooner you know this the better off you will be :).
Obviously, Vivien Leigh was cast accordingly. NOTE TO CORY: There was no casting couch involved regardless of what you think, my dear!
Here are the screen tests from GWTW. I am kinda obsessed with this video. I think it's hilarious and interesting to see all the different acting choices. It's a little painful in some parts (poor Lana Turner and Tallulah Bankhead. Really what the fuck were they thinking.) I would hate to think that my massive acting fail is immortalized on celluloid for ever.

Anyway, enjoy and remember that tomorrow is another day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I has a hot dog?

This week I lost my beloved dog of 15 years, Bingo Anne. She had cancer and we had to put her down. It has been really hard but I know we did the right thing for her. She had such a great life and lived a very, very, very long time for a big dog. We are not really sure what kind of dog she was. We know she is some kind of husky mix. Perhaps a little bit of a wolf. She was just a good ol' outside dog who killed and ate all kinds of small backyard animals including our neighbor's pet yellow cockatoo and a cat until she discovered air conditioning. Our trusty outside guard dog was then a spoiled rotten house dog. We referred to her as "The Bitch" because she was the top dog (the other dogs we had including Fudge knew it too). Some people found her a little scary because she looked so much like a wolf and had some wild animal like characteristics. I was never scared of her because she was just a big baby (who could cut a bitch! lol). She was the best dog ever! I will miss her everyday.

I have been looking at the website this week and it has helped me so much in dealing with the loss of Bingo. Seeing the funny captions of other dogs (and a few of Bingo that I made) has made me feel so much better. They are so funny and the captions that people put on the pictures perfectly capture the spirit of the dogs or googies as they are called on the site.
Here are some that I made....
I eated the kitteh  It was good noms
I haz hangover
Breaking News - Bingo doesn't give a shit!
I iz a husky!!   Right?
Here are some of my favorites from the site....
Jazz Paws!!
Goggie just saw Inception
I'z don't want to ask...but the big  one isn't even using a chair is he??
He No Smell? No Talk? No Move?
You didn't know this But I iz a people
Pullin humanz  iz hard...
wheres da gravy!!!  next time, get da gravy!