Saturday, July 24, 2010

Emily loves ice cream

Ice cream is never a bad thing. I am a huge life-long ice cream addict. I eat it at least twice a week during the summer (usually from my freezer but occasionally I will go out). Since we are in dog days of summer and I live in Kentucky which has to be one of the most humid places on the planet ice cream has been even better the past few weeks.
I love all kinds, flavors, and brands of ice cream. I tend to gravitate towards the chocolate flavors. Last week my boyfriend Cory and I decided to take a trip to our local Coldstone Creamery. I went there last month and gave myself a total sugar buzz and stomach ache on some custom peanut butter chocolate creation which included Reese Cups and pie crust. It was amazing. Needless to say, the next day I added a few extra minutes on to my cardio. Last week we decided to go after my sweet tooth started nagging me. Cory is not a big sweet eater so he was not as happy as I was to walk in and smell the fresh waffle cones. Usually I make up my own creation. After much debate and a few taste test fails I finally decided on their creation of Birthcake Remix. This included cake batter ice cream, a whole brownie, rainbow sprinkles (my personal favorite) and chocolate syrup. It was delicious. And those ice cream cupcakes look like heaven! Of course you can not buy just one. You have to buy six! Note: This will not stop me from buying them someday.

About 10 minutes after eating it I wanted to toss my cookies and then some. When I got back to my apartment I licked some salt off my hand in tequila shot-style fashion to counteract the sweetness. Classy, I know. I then thought "do you really need all this extra crap to make ice cream taste better?" The answer is no. Sometimes it sure does help. I think I can do a few months without a visit to the Coldstone. Will I go back? You bet your ass I will!