Monday, August 30, 2010

I wanna do bad things with you...

As most of my close friends now I love, love True Blood! It's my favorite show on TV right now. It's like they made that show just for me. It's funny, sexy, romantic, dramatic, and filled with some great blood splatter moments.
Season 3 has been my favorite so far. Season 1 was intriguing and was a great set up for the following seasons. While Season 2 had it moments, I have to say it was my least favorite so far. The whole Fellowship of the Sun and Mary Anne drama went on a little too long. Season 2 did bring us some great flashback moments and had a great season end cliffhanger.
Since us fangbangers only have 1 episode left I thought I would discuss my favorite/least favorite moments in Season 3. But first of all I want to meet the sick fuck who ordered the veggie burger with bacon!

Favorite: Pam and Jessica's Relationship
I love that Pam has unwillingly and hilarious taken babyvamp Jessica under her wing. Jessica is well on her way to becoming a bad ass bitch vamp like Pam. I love their scenes together this season. I can't wait to see what they do with Jessica.

Favorite: Pam in general aka Lesbian Weirdness
From the very beginning I have been a Pam fan. This season we really got to see more of Pam even though we haven't gotten any flashbacks from her yet. I got my fingers crossed that we will see some in Season 4. What we have learned about Pam this season is that she is a lesbian, she hates kids, she was once a hooker and she isn't as tough as she seems (we saw her cry last Sunday). Please Pam, don't cry anymore! Sookie also doesn't want anymore of your lesbian weirdness but I think that viewers would disagree.

Least favorite: Tara
I am sick of her drama. I got sick of her in Season 2 with the whole Eggs and Mary Anne situation. She is not funny or interesting. Just kill her already! The only cool thing Tara did this season so far was bash that crazy but awesome motherfucker Franklin in the head.
Tara is too dumb to realize that the only ways to kill a vampire is to stake them, cut their head off, or put them in the sun.

Least Favorite: Crystal

The whole werepanther thing is cool as hell but Crystal is not. Maybe we will finally get a cool werepanther in a later season. I find Crystal annoying and stupid just like Tara. Let's hope they never have a scene together :( If I wanted to see white trash meth head girls I could just go to the Wal Mart in my hometown at midnight on any random Tuesday.

Favorite: Russell Edgington
I understand that he is evil and needs to die but damn this guy is funny! He is such an interesting and entertaining character. This scene is one of the best moments on the so far.

Favorite: Eric and Talbot
If you are a fan of the show and you don't like Eric just give up and become a Twihard! This gay sex scene shows how far Eric is willing to do to get revenge for the death of his family. SPOILER ALERT: Russell's killed Eric's family 1,000 years ago. Gays rejoice! It's about time we got some gay sex on TV!

Favorite: Lorena
We got to know her in Season 2 as Bill's evil and possessive maker. This Season she met as they say on the show "the true death" at the hands of Sookie and Bill. It was time for her to go but I personally thought she was a great character. She also would show up when you least expected and when you saw her you thought "Oh shit!" but it was a good "Oh shit!" We will miss you Lorena!

Least Favorite: Bill
I am about sick of him. He lied to Sookie and sexually choked her (even though she liked it). I don't think that Sookie and Bill will end up together. He is an important character and you need him on the show. I think he does love Sookie After all that happened this season he just too shady for Sookie to trust again. NOTE: Sookie get with Eric... NOW!!! Which brings me to my next favorite moment.

Eric and Sookie's real kiss
Finally! We all saw this coming from the start. Team Eric!

Favorite: Werewolves

These are not CGI wolves these are the real deal. Vampires and werewolves have been feuding for years in all kinds of books and movies. True Blood does a great job at portraying this and putting their own spin on it. Not to mention Alcide is hot!

I can't wait to see the finale in 2 weeks to see what they do next!

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