Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neat places I have been

I love traveling to anywhere and everywhere. From across the pond to my home state of Kentucky, I am lucky enough to have been to some great places. Here just a few of my favorites and some that stand out.

Topsail Island, North Carolina
pier small
I used to visit this tiny island off the Atlantic Coast with my dad when I was around 11-13 years old. This is not my favorite beach but it always stuck out to me because of it's history. In the 1700's, pirates used to hide on this island and attack merchant ships coming to the American Colonies. It is believed that Blackbeard's Treasure is buried somewhere along the North Carolina Coast. The name Topsail came from the merchants who could see the top of the sails of the pirate ships. The island was not fully settled until the 1940s. It is still scarcely populated and honestly not the most exciting place on the planet but it is very pretty. I have not been to Topsail Island since I was 13. I would love to go back and see how it has changed.

The Winchester Mystery House
San Jose, California
I love this place! Every time it is mentioned on one of those haunted shows I am glued to the TV. I went there with my grandmother and some cousins when I was 12. This place is just too weird not to love. As a fan of all things weird and creepy I am so there! It was built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune.
There are many different versions of the Winchester Mystery House story but this is the one I remember. After her husband and daughter died, Sarah contacted a medium who told her that the Winchester family was cursed because the guns had killed so many people and that their spirits wanted revenge and that she should to build a house and if she was to stop building it then she too would die. She had round the clock building on the house from 1884 to 1922. The house contains doors that go nowhere, blank windows, and many more oddities. It is supposedly haunted and is a great piece of Victorian architecture.

Blarney Castle outside of Cork, Ireland
Blarney Castle
(I actually took this picture!)
I kissed the Blarney Stone in 2006. The legend goes if you kiss the stone then you will be blessed with the gift of gab and flattery. I already had it so I am double blessed! It is a little unsanitary so germophobes beware. The act of kissing the stone is pretty scary, someone holds and leans you across a gap upside down but it is so worth it!

Mammoth Cave National Park
Edmonson County, Kentucky
I have been to Mammoth Cave many times in my life. Whenever someone visits Kentucky for the first time it is mandatory to take them this cave. Mammoth Cave is well, freakin' mammoth! It is the longest cave system in the world. It is over 367 miles long with new parts discovered every year. There are several famous features of the cave system including the Grand Avenue and Fat Man's Misery. A part of the Green River also runs through the cave. The cave is also home to the endangered Albino Kentucky Cave Shrimp. This cave is huge so I am just going to stop. If you want to know more just read the wiki page. (I did to brush up on my cave facts!)

London, England
Not only is the home of some of the world's most famous landmarks, London is my favorite city. I didn't get to spend as much time there as I would have liked to which is why I want to go back so bad. Luckily from where I live you can get there in about 9-10 hours. I could go on and on. I guess you just have to go to experience the awesome that is London.
London-Picadilly Circus
(I took this picture too!)

Disney World
Orlando, Florida
I love Disney World. I have been 5 times and have many found memories of Mickey and the gang.

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